iks International

IKS International is a growing, innovative company from the Netherlands, specialising in integrated real-time monitoring solutions in clinical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and microbiology laboratories world-wide.

The company delivers integrated, total laboratory solutions ranging from quality equipment to consultancy, calibration and validation services. IKS International has its own development and manufacturing division whose range of products is distributed worldwide. The flagship of this range is the XiltriX® data logging, monitoring and alarm system.

XiltriX® is the result of more than 20 years of continuous in-house development, and has become the market leader in its home market and now has an expanding distributor network and user base outside Europe.

Many well-known international brands of laboratory equipment are represented on an exclusive basis by IKS International. A comprehensive Instrument Calibration Service offers traceable, fully accredited calibration for a wide range of instruments and sensors, backed by an in-house service operation with a full range of service and maintenance options.

More projects

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Gelfree® 8100 Fractionation System

Sample complexity necessitates extensive fractionation for in-depth proteomic analysis using mass spectrometry. Protein Discovery, now part of the Expedeon group, has developed a commercial system using a novel technology, termed Gel Elution Liquid Fraction Entrapment Electrophoresis (GELFREE), for molecular weight-based fractionation of intact proteins with liquid phase recovery. Eight samples are run in parallel using…

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