Simulated Transcellular Fluid (BZ279)

Simulated Transcellular Fluid (BZ279)



Simulated Transcellular Fluid or Artificial Transcellular Fluid (BZ279)

This simulated fluid is only used in the field of scientific research and For in vitro use only.

Pack Size: 100 mL, 200 mL, 500 mL, 1000 mL

pH is 7.4 (can be customized on the request as per the customer’s project requirement)

Validity: 6 months

Transportation and storage: transportation at room temperature, storage at 2-8 ℃.

Simulated Transcellular Fluid Features & Notes:

1.Simulated Transcellular Fluid is a sterile solution and can be used directly.

2. Simulated Transcellular Fluid, stored at 4 degrees, transported at room temperature.

3. This Simulated Transcellular Fluid is limited to the scientific research of professionals, and cannot be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment, and cannot be used for food or medicine, and cannot be stored in ordinary houses.

4. For your safety and health, please wear a lab coat and disposable gloves.

Simulated Transcellular Fluid

A bodily fluid found in chambers created by the linings of epithelial cells

The extracellular fluid pertains to all body fluid outside the cell(s). It makes up about 26% of the total body water composition in humans. It is composed of blood plasmainterstitial fluidlymph, and transcellular fluid. The interstitial fluid and the blood plasma are the major components of the extracellular fluid. The transcellular fluid is the smallest component of the extracellular fluid.

The transcellular fluid is the fluid that fills up the spaces of chambers that are created or formed from the linings of epithelial cells. It is largely made up of water. However, other components (e.g. electrolytes) vary depending on the location. Thus, the function of transcellular fluid also varies. For instance, the synovial fluid serves as a lubricating fluid whereas urine, as the fluid containing the by-products of metabolism processed by the kidneys, aids in maintaining homeostasis when it is eliminated through urination.

The transcellular fluid is exemplified by the following:

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