CGS Buffer pH6.5-sterile (BZ233)

CGS Buffer pH6.5-sterile (BZ233)



Washing procedures are critical steps in the preparation of platelets for experimental research, since integrity and function of platelets may be affected. This study investigated the initial effects of washing platelets on ADP-mediated platelet responsiveness in comparison with freshly prepared PRP in order to evaluate molecular and functional alterations in washed platelets. As a common medium, CGS buffer was used for the preparation of washed platelets. Subsequent storage of PRP and of washed platelets (suspended in HEPES buffer) was performed under equal conditions at 22°C without agitation.

with sodium chloride, D-glucose, trisodium citrate

References: Role of Purinergic Receptor Expression and Function for Reduced Responsiveness to Adenosine Diphosphate in Washed Human Platelets PMID: 26808867

Transport at room temperature, 2-8℃, 6 months