0.1mol/L MES Buffer (BZ229)

0.1mol/L MES Buffer (BZ229)



Product introduction

2-(N-morpholine)ethanesulfonic acid is abbreviated as MES, molecular formula is C6H13NO4S, relative molecular weight is 195.24, CAS number is 4432-31-9. MES is often used as a biological buffer, with a pKa of 6.15 at 25°C, an effective buffer range of pH 5.5 to 6.7, and commonly used pH values ​​of 5.5, 6.0, 6.5. Mainly composed of MES, deionized water, preservatives, etc., adjust the pH to 5.5.

Operation steps (for reference only)

1. Operate according to the specific requirements of the experiment.

Note It

is irritating to the human body, please pay attention to proper protection.

For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves.

Storage: Store at 4°C, valid for 6 months.