BioLamina develops, manufactures and distributes cell culture reagents intended for culturing of primary cells such as stem cells. The company was established in 2008 and was co-founded by Dr. Karl Tryggvason and his son Dr. Kristian Tryggvason. Today the company has 13 employees with almost half in sales and marketing.
BioLamina is built on a scientific foundation with a legacy in matrix biology and solid experience in cell culture based research and our vision is to make BioLamina a leading brand within the field of cell culture and to help make cell therapy a reality.

The BioLamina laminins are the only original full length, recombinant laminins on the market. By offering cell matrices replicating nature’s own laminins, we make cell culture easy, reliable and repeatable.

Biolamina offers premium high technology products combined with outstanding scientific support and position ourselves as being in the forefront of cell culturing. These products enable scientists to start a new era in medical research, ultimately enabling cell therapy.

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