Alphalyse is a global specialized contract research organization (CRO) providing high-quality protein analysis services to support research, manufacturing and clinical development of natural and recombinant proteins.

Services include analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals, mass spectrometric peptide mapping and quantification of specific proteins in complex samples. Alphalyse has since its incorporation in 2002 provided a diverse range of advanced protein analysis services including detailed characterization of recombinant proteins and assays for accurate quantification of specific proteins in biological matrixes.

8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world presently utilise services offered by Alphalyse and they have offices based at Palo Alto, USA and in Odense, Denmark.

Services Offered by Alphalyse

Peptide Mapping: From 1 D/2D gels, From in-solutions samples, Digest with trypsin, Digest with other proteases, Search NCBI database (NRDB), Search customer protein sequence, For 1-3 proteins in sample
For several proteins in sample
N- and C-Terminal Protein Sequencing: by Edman Sequencing, MALDI ISD or Peptide mapping N-terminal Sequence, C-terminal Sequence, Blocked & Modified terminals, SDS PAGE bands, PVDF membrane, gel blots, In-solution samples, Number of residues 1-25, Number of residues 1-70,

Intact Mass: Pick 'n Post Analysis, MALDI-MS Analysis, ESI-MS Analysis

De Novo Sequencing

Amino Acid Analysis: HCl hydrolysis, 18 standard amino acids, Modified amino acids, In-solution sample
Combined with Ext. Coef. (A280), Compare to sequence, Double determination

Antibody Characterization : Quantitative Amino Acid Analysis, Extinction Coefficient determination (A280), N-terminal Sequencing by MALDI-ISD, C-terminal Sequencing by MALDI-ISD, Peptide map by MS/MS - 1 enzyme, High coverage peptide map - 3 enzymes, MW determination of intact IgG, MW determination of Heavy and Light chain

Host Cell Protein Analysis, Molecular Weight Determination, Protein Characterization, Protein Identification

Vaccine Characterization: Analytical Characterization of vaccine proteins

Pharmacokinetics & Toxicokinetics : Bioanalytical assays to determine serum concentration of protein biologics

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