Expedeon has been providing the scientific community with high-value, low cost protein research products since 1999. Our full line of pre-cast acrylamide gels, protein stains, affinity resins, and protein quantitiation assays, will enhance your protein characterization and analysis. Our Protein Discovery line of sample preparation and protein fractionation products for Mass-Spectrometry is at the cutting edge of proteomic analysis. Products:

Gelfree™ 8100 Fractionation System
The Gelfree 8100 system permits effective, programmable fractionation, isolation, and purification across a broad mass range. Combined with its high load capacity and high, liquid-phase recovery, the system provides the highest sensitivity of any pre-fractionation technology.

InstantBlue Protein Stain
Expedeon's InstantBlue Stain is the only true single step Coomassie based gel stain available. Simply remove the gel from the cassette, put immediately in stain and that's it! InstantBlue is sensitive down to 5ng of BSA. No need for pre-washing, fixing, heating or de-staining.

The VersaWave spectrophotometer is the perfect tool for fast and accurate measurement of a wide variety of biomolecules such as protein, DNA and RNA. The VersaWave reads samples in milliseconds and can be used for micro-volume measurements with sample volumes as low as to 0.6 µl.

InstantBlot technology lets you modify your primary antibody directly with HRP. No purification required. No more secondary antibodies needed resulting in reduced backgrounds. Each Instantblot kit converts up to 100 μg of primary antibody to a primary antibody-polyHRP conjugate

Amintra Protein Purification Resins
Amintra Affinity resins are part of a range of cost-effective chromatography resins designed for superior purification performance and customer satisfaction.   Amintra resins benefit from high binding capacity, excellent specificity & resolution.

What is the COOL-tag? The COOL-tag is a monomeric, soluble 28.5kDa engineered fragment of a Penicillin Binding Protein. How does it work? The COOL-tag binds rapidly and efficiently to ampicillin sepharose at room temperature by forming an ester bond via a serine residue.

Bradford Ultra
BradfordUltra: Detergent compatible Protein Quantitation  When Coomassie dye binds protein in an acidic medium, an immediate shift in absorption maximum occurs from 465 nm to 595 nm with a concomitant color change from brown to blue.

Nvoy Polymer
NVoy polymers are linear, uncharged carbohydrate polymers of around 5kD, derivatised to make them highly amphipathic. They associate at multiple points with surface exposed hydrophobic patches of proteins in a dynamic fashion to form multipoint reversible complexes.

FASP Protein Digestion Kits
Complete Protein Solubilization. Complete Trypsin Digestion. Every Time. Now you can use aggressive, whole proteome solubilization protocols and reagents to prepare proteins from any biological material for trypsin digestion and analysis by mass spectrometry.

PolyMAC-Ti Phosphopeptide Enrichment Kit
RunBlue Gels
RunBlue precast gels have been developed as an improvement on the current state of the art precast SDS-PAGE gels. RunBlue gels are more rigid and up to 10 times stronger than conventional precast gels resulting in more robust gels that can be handled with confidence without tearing - an 8% gel can be thrown into the air and caught without breaking!
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