Provider of kits and reagents for researchers investigating programmed cell death, DNA damage and repair, cell differentiation and angiogenesis. Trevigen, Inc. is a rapidly growing biotechnology company focused on the development of products and technology for cancer research with emphasis on apoptosis, DNA damage and repair and cancer cell function and behavior,

DNA Damage & Genomic Instability
DNA Repair Gene Knockdown Cell Lines
DNA Damage Antibodies
DNA Repair Enzymes

Cancer Cell Behavior
Cultrex® Basement Membrane Extract (BME)
Cultrex® ECM Component Proteins and Reagents
Cancer Cell Behavior Assays
3-D Products
Apoptosis Detection
Annexin V Assays
DNA Fragmentation
Mitochondrial Events
Cell Proliferation
Apoptosis Research Accessories
Stem Cell Products
Stem Cell Qualified Basement Membrane Extract Matrix
Rat Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth and Replenishment products
Stem Cell Qualified ECM Proteins
Oxidative Stress
HT 8-oxo-dG ELISA KIT I & II
Superoxide Dismutase Assay Kits (SOD)
Glutathione Assay Kits
8-oxo-dG Monoclonal Antibody (clone 2E2)
Molecular Biology Reagents
Genomic DNA Isolation Kit
Orange G Loading Dye
Electrophoresis Buffer
TdT DNA Polymerase
Calf Thymus DNA, Herring Sperm DNA,Salmon Sperm DNA
Proteinase K
New Products
HT 8-oxo-dG ELISA kit II HT 8-oxo-dG ELISA kit II
Cultrex® Stem Cell Qualified Laminin I CometAssay® Neutral Control Cells
PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay 2nd Generation(PDAII)
Tankyrase 1 (PARP5A) Colorimetric Activity Assay
Cultrex® Stem Cell Qualified Protein Set
Anti-phosphorylated Histone H2AX Affinity Purified Polyclonal Antibody
Cultrex® Stem Cell Qualified Human Fibronectin, PathClear®*
Cultrex® Stem Cell Qualified Human BME, *PathClear®
Cultrex® Stem Cell Qualified Human Vitronectin, *PathClear®
Tankyrase 1 (PARP5A) Colorimetric Activity Assay
Tankyrase 1 (PARP5A) Chemiluminescent Activity Assay
Tankyrase 1 (PARP5A) Chemiluminescent Activity Assay
Trevigen Cell Assays (TCA) Services
Trevigen Cell Assays (TCA), a division of Trevigen, Inc., was established in 2008 to conduct contract research work for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government and academic segments of the medical research market. TCA specializes in designing and conducting assays for lead compounds and genotoxic screening based on DNA damage and repair as well as cancer cell behavior. Advantages:

The technical team at TCA developed the assays and is unmatched in skill and knowledge.

Confidentiality is assured. A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be executed if requested.
TCA Services
PARP Assay
PARG Assay
Pharmacodynamic PARP AssayII
Cell Invasion Assay
Tankyrase 1 Assay

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