Merck Millipore

Merck Millipore, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, offers solutions that enable scientists to conduct life science research easily, efficiently and economically. With a range of more than 40,000 products, Merck Millipore is one of the top three suppliers of tools to the life science industry. Merck Millipore is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As a strategic partner, we collaborate with customers to confront the world's challenging human health issues. From research through development to production, our scientific expertise and innovative solutions help customers tackle their most complex problems and achieve their goals.
Product Applications
Downstream Bioprocessing
Drug Discovery & Development
Lab Filtration
Lab Water
Life Science Research
Process Monitoring
Specialty Markets
Upstream Bioprocessing

Product Types

Air Monitoring Products Animal Sera Antibodies Arrays Bioburden Testing Products BloodTyping Products Blotting Membranes Capsule Filters Cartridge Filters Cell Culture & Diagnostic Products Cell Culture Equipment & Supplies Cell Culture Media & Reagents Cell Lines Cell Membrane Preparations Centrifugal Filter Units Chromatography Media, Membranes & Columns Control Slides Depth Filters Filling Systems Filter Discs & Membranes Filter Holders & Accessories Filtration Devices Hazardous Waste Equipment Housings Human Monoclonal Disease State Antibodies
Immunodetection Equipment & Supplies Incubators Inhibitors Instruments Integrity Testers Kits & Assays Lab Water Purification Systems - Clinical (CLSI)
Lab Water Purification Systems - Type 1 (Ultrapure)
Lab Water Purification Systems - Type 2 (Pure)
Lab Water Purification Systems - Type 3 (RO)
Lateral Flow Membranes & Pad Materials Luminex Instrumentation Lysates Magnetic Beads Microbial Testing Products Microbiological Culture Media Mixers Multiwell Plates Monitors & Monitor Accessories Mycoplasma Testing Products Petri Dishes & Pads Plasmids Prefilters Process Development & Validation Tools Proteins & Enzymes Rapid Detection Systems Reagents RNAi Products Sample Prep Pipette Tips Samplers & Swabs Sampling Systems Services Single-Use Disposable Products Software Static Concentrators Sterility Testing Products Sterilizing-Grade Filters Stirred Cells Syringe Filters TFF Devices & Cassettes TFF Systems Ubiquitin Ultrafiltration Membranes & Devices Vacuum Equipment Valves Viral Clearance Devices Viral Vectors Virus Purification Products Water Purification Water Purification Consumables Water Purification Services Wine Filtration Systems

Product Names
Aerex Aervent AFS AFSPak Alpha-Q Amicon Bevigard Biomax bløk Brewpore Centrifree Centriprep ChemiKine ChemiScreen ChromaSorb Clarigard Cogent Coli-Count CorrTest CPG CpG WIZ Direct-Q Durapore E - L Elix EX-CYTE EZ-Pad EZ-Pak Fluoropore Gasliner Helicon Hi-Flow Immobilon Integritest Ion-Ex IsoPak Isopore KinEASE Lifegard LIGHT DIAGNOSTICS Luminata Lynx M - P M Air T MF-Millipore Microfil MicropreSure Millex Milli-DI Milli-Q Milli-RO Millicell MilliChilling Millicup Millidisk Milliflex Milligard Millipak Millipore Express MilliProbe MilliSnap MilliSolve Millistak+ Millivac MilliWrap Minicon Mitex Mobius MultiScreen NovAseptic NovaSeptum Opticap OptiScale Optiseal Organex-Q Pellicon Petri-Pad Polygard Polysep PrecisION Prep/Scale Probumin Progard ProSep Prostak PureProteome Pyrogard Q - Z Q-Gard QCM QPak Quantum QuikScale RiOS RiOs-DI ROClean Rogard ROPak S-Pak Scepter SimPak Simplicity Snap i.d. Stericap Sterifil Steriflip Steripak Sterisure Steritest SteritopSterivex Super-C Super-Q Swinnex Ultracel Ultrafree Vantage Viresolve Vitipore ZipTip

Merck Millipore's Bioscience Business Unit serves pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic laboratories conducting life science research. Comprised of two business fields: Life Science and Biopharm Services, the Bioscience Business unit combines Millipore's Life Science and Drug Discovery business units and Merck's Bioscience business.
Key Products & Services
Multiplex instruments & kits
Flow Cytometry
Inhibitors & Biochemicals
Stem Cells
Antibodies & Reagents
Drug Discovery & Development Services
Lab Filtration

Life Science Services
Antibodies: Custom and Bulk
Custom Media Services
Flow Cytometry Services
Drug Discovery & Development Services
Preclinical/Clinical Development
Target Screening/Profiling
Flex Lab

Bioprocess Services
Access Compliance & Validation Services
Process Systems & Instruments
Knowledge Institute
Application Services

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